WA860 is a 2.8 inches color screen biometric terminal for Time & Attendance, and Access Control (primary) applications. It adopts BioID fingerprint collector for excellent recognition and internal WiFi for convenient communication. Users can manage data via TCP/IP, WiFi, and USB host port for data up/download to avoid the risk of accidental deletion. Besides, optional WDMS can achieve remote data management.



Wifi, TCP/IP.

Built-in Wifi, no need to run cable, built in mifare scanner

High Speed Fingerprint recognition device

Data can be retrieve by TCP/IP, Wifi, and USB.

Data will always be saved in the device in case of any power outage or connection problems

Include batteries inside, in case of power outage device can still work for 4-5 hours

BioID: Using BioID Fingerprint Collector for excellent recognition rate. Dry, moist, or rough fingerprints can work well.