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We offer the most complete solutions to any type of industries, since our company started, we’ve been focusing on designing and customizing our solutions base on our customers needs. We’ve done countless projects since then, and we can assure you after 15+ years of experience we’re able to provide you the solutions you’ve been looking for.



Real Time Syncronization
Fingerprint and facial recognition templates are instantly connected with all fingerprint devices.
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Our customers love the reliability of this feature because of its built-in function to record both success and failure attendances!
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Web Management
Effectively search and manage data anytime and anywhere, hassle free.
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Outsourcing Management
A systematic way to track the hours of work done by outside suppliers for a more trusted record of project completion...
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Time & Attendance Software
A user friendly interface that generates time sheets to keep record of employee Clock-in/Clock-out time attendance.
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Custom Interface
Imagine being able to survey your employees wellness in the workplace. With this built-in interface, employees can input their emotional state when they come to work.
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