Outsourcing Management

Outsourcing Management

A systematic way to track the hours of work done by outside suppliers for a more trusted record of project completion…

A Management solution for company that outsource or hire part-time workers.

Strongly emphasis on Part-Time worker or Outsourcing companies management.

Easily record punch in record by new part time worker in different locations

Suitable for companies that have multiple locations, that uses outsourcing companies or part time workers

Solution for problems that cause by having flexible work shifts and flexible locations.

Working at different locations and different shifts also means different pay for workers that’s working at different shifts or change of work, it’s very difficult to calculate and also keep tracks of workers location and pay.


Our Biometric outsourcing management system makes it easier and more efficient to keep tracks of locations and also workers pays depending on different job description.

logistic; construction; food industries; hospital

Most efficient way to keep tracks of different locations, pay rates, and work content

A management system that manages outsourcing agency

Prevent time theft from outsourcing agency

Simple and user friendly interface

Reduce costly errors

Works with any type of work shifts

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